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Switching to Solar: Terms You Need to Know


Switching over to this renewable energy source can be a wonderful thing for both families and the environment. Families that live in home that are off the grid can enjoy having power like everyone else, home that are on the grid will enjoy reduced electric bills, and it all happens while these families help prevent global warming.


Making the switch can seem like a simple idea. Most homeowners are under the impression that they simply must purchase a few panels, have them installed and that is it. There are quite a few other things that are required to convert a home over to solar energy, and a few different terms that families will become familiar with once they start understanding that process. This brief list of terms will help families get a head start before they start looking at different panels.

Solar Inverter


This renewable energy source cannot be fed directly into the outlets of a home to help a refrigerator run. Homes run on an alternating current, which requires the use of an inverter. The current that the panels produce, which is known as a variable direct current, or DC for short, needs to be converted into the same type of current that electricity is, which is called a utility frequency alternating current, or AC for short.


An inverter helps do all of that work so that homes can be powered by this type of energy. It collects the DC, feeds it into transistors and so on to convert it, hence why an inverter is also known as a converter.


There are also micro-inverters, which is just a smaller version of an inverter.



When most people hear of the word battery they instantly think of the same type of batteries that they use in their remote. While the principle is the same, as these batteries do store energy too, that is where the similarities stop.


In the renewable energy world, the word battery refers to the batteries that are typically used in stand-alone power systems. These batteries store energy so that it can be used later, such as when it’s dark and the sun isn’t out.


The Grid


The electrical grid, often referred to as “the grid” for short, involves everywhere that is powered by electricity, to put things in laymen terms. If a home is receiving electricity, it is considered a part of the grid. A motor home that does not have electricity will be considered off the grid.

Grid Connect Systems


Grid connect systems mean that a home has both the renewable energy source provided by the panels, but instead of storing energy in a batter for later, the home is still connected to the grid. The house then gets power from the grid at night instead of a battery.


Solar Canopies


This term refers to panels that are raised off the ground, allowing that space to be used for other things. For example, some people may choose to install their panels like this and use the area underneath as a car port. Businesses often do this and use the space underneath of the panels as a parking lot.


Renewable Energy


Renewable energy refers to a source of energy that continues to renew itself. Examples of renewable energy include: tidal energy, solar energy, and win energy.

There are several other terms that apply to the world of renewable energy sources, but these few basic terms will easily get a first-time customer through a conversation with another person about solar energy, and they can help them get well on their way to learning more about this form of energy before making the important decision to convert their home.


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