Solar On Your Trip

Your heading off to a remote location with the family, to spend some quality time with them and ‘get off the grid’. Meaning, you want have technology distracting you from making the most of your time away together.

You’ve consider investing in solar to help you with your campsite setup, but have no clue as to what to look for and where to start.

Join the club…I had to ask my tradesman husband for what he’d look for with solar panels before writing this article.

The biggest thing to consider is that the solar panel is prewired for a 12V battery.

Ok, so now you might be asking, ‘why am I taking a 12V battery camping?’ Good question! Despite our best efforts, we still need to make sure we have our phones charging in case we get into some trouble and need to contact the authorities, right?

Perhaps, you have a sleep machine or lights or BBQ or toaster that you wish to take, all of which has been customized to work in your camper trailer, which, I bet runs off a 12V battery. Now that we have that out of the way, the solar panels need also fold away nicely.

There’s nothing worse than having big bulky items that don’t fold properly and take up too much room in your car, truck or ute when taking off camping.

Make sure the frame of the solar panel is aluminum, as this won’t rust. It is the perfect metal for outdoor use, and will literally last decades.

Perhaps you have an RV that requires solar panels? If that is the case, you can easily find what you’re looking for on this page too.

RV solar panels need to include adjustable mount racks, and you can get kits these days that range in Watt size, depending upon the amount of electricity required in your RV and for how long you are planning on ‘going off grid’.

One of the most ingenious inventions I’ve come across of late, is a backpack that produces solar energy, which has the capacity to charge USB devices and be a power bank for your laptop. This is super handy for the avid backpacker or person that likes to hike, but remain connected to the outside world.

Let Us Use the Sun was created to showcase, some uses and capabilities of solar energy today. These ideas on this page are for those that love the outdoors, camping, hiking and RV traveling.

Solar has so many more uses though, which you will discover, as you scroll through our site.


Author: Ammie Harm ©

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